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Semana 7 de la Campaña!

Disculpen lo tarde en la publicacion y el cambio de evento, pero el evento anterior era muy simple…

Esta semana no jugaresmo solos… Jugaremos con Demonios del Pantano… SwampFiends

Swamp Creatures

Every Encounter this week will be ripe with Swampfiends. After deploying Crews, choose one player to flip a card which may not be cheated. If the card is 9 or lower, the Swampfiends for this game will be Silurids (M2E pg. 184), but if it is 10 or higher they will be Waldgeists (M2E pg. 186). Place 3 Swampfiends on the board at the end of the second Turn. Determine a random player to place the first Swampfiend and alternate until all of them are placed. A player may not place a Swampfiend within 8” of a friendly model or within 4” of another Swampfiend.

These Swampfiends are Neutral models.Zoraida alt

At the end of every Turn, all Swampfiends Activate. After all Swampfiends have Activated, if they are Silurids, each one is pushed 7″ directly away from the closest player controlled model. If they are Waldgeists, place two 50mm Tree Markers (Ht 5, severe terrain, soft cover) touching each other in base contact with a randomly determined Waldgeist. The First Player places the Markers.

Remove all Tree Markers if no Neutral Waldgeists are in play. Each time a player kills or sacrifices a Neutral Swampfiend, that player gains 2 Scrip.


2 thoughts on “Semana 7 de la Campaña!

  • January 27, 2016 at 18:58

    Que buen evento! muy divertido 😀

  • February 1, 2016 at 08:33

    Si, lastima que no todos pudieron jugar de manera regular. Espero que la proxima campaña que sera competitiva y tendra premios, todos participen.

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